Thinking of a unique game idea

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

The Problem

The time has come, you want to make a game and share it with your friends, but you don't know what to do or know where to start. This guide will help you overcome that. With these methods you can go out and create something unique, that both you and others can enjoy.


One very popular way to create new ideas is to brainstorm. Start by writing down one Main Idea, then create a web of possibilities that revolve around that one Main Idea. You can do this with any aspect of your game, including storyline, overall gameplay, player functionality, etc.

A very useful website for this can be found here.


Create some constraints for yourself when first developing the idea for your game. For instance if your Player can walk anywhere, make it so he/she can only move horizontally. This will allow for more creative and original ideas.

Some constraints to get you started:

1. Player can only move either Horizontally or Vertically.

2. Each level can only take a maximum of 30 seconds.

3. Player only has one life.

4. Involve words/reading into your game.

5. Player can only take control of the enemy to attack.

6. If any, all projectiles must bounce of off any solid object.

7. Etc.

Set a Deadline for Yourself

Some people work better under pressure, so set a deadline for yourself. If its Tuesday, set a goal to get your game done by next week. Sometimes little things like that will motivate you to create something quickly.

Get Input From Friends

Don't be afraid to confront friends or family members about ideas. Maybe they've had a brilliant idea that they just needed someone to make, or they could help you with an idea that you're developing. When you go through the idea process, ask for some more opinions. As everyone is unique, you might find some hidden gems from the minds of your peers. Also don't be afraid to consult the Scirra forums and maybe make a post yourself here.

Keep a Dream Journal

It might sound silly at first, but keeping a dream journal can be an excellent way to unlock new ideas from probably the most imaginative aspect of a human, your dreams. Reading your dream journal often can sometimes can help you come up with any aspect of your game.

Play and Analyze Currently Popular Games

I don't mean play them and steal their ideas, I mean see what makes them popular. Try and find what you enjoy and don't enjoy about that game, and try to apply those same ideas to your game design process.


Congratulations! With this tutorial I have given all that you need for creating a unique and original game idea. if you have any other methods that help you, please comment down below! I'd love to see what methods others use. :)


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