Super Spooky House Part 2: Ghosties & Torches



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Flickering Torches

To start with we add a torch Sprite, then below that a Particle Effect with a little spark. On that particle effect add the following properties:

    Rate - 15
    Sprawy cone - 360
    Type - Continuous spray

    Speed - 50
    Size - 8
    Opacity - 100

    Speed randomiser - 50
    Destroy mode - Fade to invisible
    Timeout - 0.5

Everything else is set to 0.

Then we put a sprite of a yellow glow underneath that and add a Sine behaviour to it. With these properties

    Active on start - yes
    Movement - size
    Wave - sine
    Period - 4
    Magnitude - 50

And again, everything else is zero. But with both the spark and the glow, these are just the numbers I use. Feel free to play about and see what works best for your environment.

It should look like this:

In the same way as my previous tutorial, create a new layer call it "darkness" or something similar. Back the background colour black and set Force Own Texture to "yes." Then add a white glow to that layer. Under effects set Blend Mode to Destination Out and put it on top of the other glow, add a Sine behaviour to it and give it the same properties.

Now go to the events and add an event:

    On start of layout -> glow set sine cycle position to random(0,1)
    --- glow pick nearest to yellow_glow -> yellow glow set sine position to glow.sine.cycleposition

Now this means that the glows won't all pulse exactly the same, and the yellow glow (representing the flame light) will pulse at the same rate.

The image doesn't really do it justice, but it makes for quite a pretty effect


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