How To Make A Successful Game

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Every Game need new concept and ideas to make people interested in it, because if they saw the same concept & ideas of another game they will leave yours and play with the original so rule number one: Don't Imitate Other Games! It’s just simple, when you found a new game interesting and enjoyable you will play it, but when you see a game with the same idea and concepts why you would stop playing the game to play another? That doesn't mean that you could not get ideas from another game but it mean you should make a little bit different so it catch the interest of players. Like when Mario bros was made, does that mean that other game developers should not make an adventure game just because it was already invented? Here are some main tips for making new concepts.

Review Games

To get new concepts without realizing that there is already a game and it been popular nowadays, you should always check up the game world in the specific platform you want, like: What are the popular games? What ideas and concepts have been used before? Can this game get new concepts without being a copy of it? These questions will help you not to make games with old concepts. A game developer should be always up-to-date to these stuff, that will also help him what kinds of customers or player would like to play.

Original & Inventive

Always find a new inventive and original idea, be opened for new experience and review it and see if other would like it or play it. Don't make alike games, remember, you can get ideas from another games but also make new concepts, for an instance you can use the physics catapult idea from angry birds, using different graphics and new different design, maybe new power-ups and story-line?

How to get ideas

Getting new ideas is not an easy task it need hard work, and creative brain. One way to get new ideas is by either ways: Get ideas from other games or just find a way yourself. First thing is first, you should choose what type of games you are pointing: Adventure games, puzzle game, action game, stimulation, racing, etc… I’ll discuss each type in a sub-heading

Game Category

Adventure Games

To get a cool new adventure game, you must know, what do you want in an adventure? Imagine what kind of adventure would you like to have. It could be under the sea with marine animals, or above in the space with aliens, it would be anything, after all it is an adventure. The best way to make an adventure game better, you could make a story-line. Story-line makes players more into the game to know the rest of the story which would make him more interested to finish the game to know the end of the story. This would rapidly lead to a better adventure game. In my opinion, coins are important element in a game specially Adventure games. There are lots of games with different types use coins like Mario Bros, Subway surf, temple run, jet-pack joyride, etc… Coins System allow player to make scores, buy power-up, buy accessories or anything would a player would get to make the game nicer to him.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games depend mainly on logic and strategies. The players use their brains to know how to find a way to solve the puzzle and win a level. One of the most popular games is a physic catapult like angry birds. Who’s one of you don’t know angry birds? Millions of people play this game and would be mostly downloaded in their tablets, phone, PCs. To make a game puzzle game interesting you must make it easy at first and it should become harder and harder as the player progress to win. The thing you must remember is that the level should be solvable: Neither r too easy or too hard. This would lead the player get bored even if was too easy or hard. If it too easy the player will feel he’s not challenging himself. On the other hand, if the game was too hard the player will try to solve it for several times then he will get bored and exit the game. Remember, different player use different strategies to solve a puzzle, so make a puzzle with some possibilities. Making a puzzle game is not easy it need your focus and brain to make it, otherwise the puzzle will be wrong with mistakes, one of these mistake is to leave a puzzle without a solution. There must be a solution – even in Angry Birds, we know there must be a way to get all three stars. For the player, the fun is in finding the dominant strategy; for the designer, the challenge is in finding the sweet spot for that strategy, somewhere between trivial and merciless.

Action Games

An action game requires players to use quick, accuracy, and timing to overcome obstacles. Most popular action games are fighting games, shooter games, pinball, anything need the player’s full attention. What do I mean with need player’s full attention? Like if you’re playing a shooter game you should be totally focused or an enemy would able to kill or destroy you. Action games need to be full of life and energy, let’s take Temple Run as an instance. In the game you can navigate cliffs, zip lines, mines and forest as you escape from the monkey. The main idea of what I say that he game depends on speed, right navigation, avoiding obstacles as the game become faster and faster putting you in more excitement but stress as well. In that way you take gamer attention. The way to attract more players is to add achievement and ranking system to the game. Like if you run 10 KM you get basic runner achievement, if you collect 5000 coins in one run you will get fast collector achievement. As you win more and more achievements your ranks go up and you get this feel of excitement. In this way the action game would be awesome.

Stimulation Games

Stimulation games are games that are concerned with playing out realistic situations in game settings. Example of these types of games includes taking care of virtual people or pets, developing cities of societies, building amusement parks or zoos. Some of these games take hours to play, and maybe incredibly complexes. Some stimulation games they aren't played to be won, it just played to find multiple solutions or games that never ends like Sims 3. In stimulation games you can use things from real life. Let’s say for instance you are student who go to school, you saw building a school and teaching other students would be nice. You can call your game “Schooled” where the player is the headmaster of the school who builds the school, hires teacher, check up on students, and find a way to make the school better. See, anything from daily life you might find interesting you can use it in stimulation game. Most important part of mostly stimulation game is to use a currency to make the player able to buy stuff for the game. How would the player hire a teacher without giving her rights? Or how he would pay the taxes or buy material to build his school? So Cash is one of important things in stimulation games

Racing Games

Racing games are games which involve speed and challenge in it. Most racing games include vehicles which are cars, motorcycles, etc… One way to make a racing game interesting is to design different types of cars with different kinds of tracks. When tracks differ from already made tracks, the player would find it more challenging to try new thing. You can use obstacles like oil spots, barrels, other racers, etc..

Perfect Team, Perfect Game

If you’re working alone you will feel tense and this would rapidly lead to decrease your chances of getting your game interesting. Find a teammates who can help with your work, this will give you less work to do which mean less stress. You know what they say “One hand can’t clap”, and that’s true, however you thought your game is good;with team effort the game get from the stage Good to Well Done or to Excellent sometimes. You can find friends who can help you or find teams online, or if you can’t make teams or don’t make a new team, you can always join already working team if they want other teammates.

Before Publishing

After you finish the game with your teammates, review it, fix it bugs, see what get wrong and tell yourself: "Are there something missing?" Then before publishing, find an awesome description for your game. Because a good description will attract people and make them play. The description should be not too tall or too short. The short descriptions will shrink the game ideas which player will not find interesting and Tall description will bore players to death. Find a medium way to describe all the main idea of the game and also don’t exceed your limits. Hope it help :)


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