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This cap.x File uses the plugin named "paster":


I wanted something more than just a normal splitscreen, i wanted one of the splitscreen that existed in the old lego games. A splitscreen that rotates, and splitscreen that unites when both players are close to eachother, so that's what i've created.

Let me explain what i truly mean: When the 2 PC's (Playable characters) are close to eachother, close enough to fit in the same screen the splitscreen stops to be:

But when they move away from eachother outside of the view the screen splits:

The splitscreen also changes angle depend on the angle of the PC's, this way you can always find your companion whereever you are :

When you move close to eachother again, you will be yet again on the same screen and not split up.

I will leave you the cap.x file so you can figure it out yourself, if you're struggling or need help, or just wants to have a chat about how fun the lego games are, you can message me anytime!

"Crazy is just another word for creative"



Download now 21.34 MB

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  • Fantastic Job! Once Paster is updated for CS3, this will be even more invaluable! Thanks for this!