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I have done so many tutorials on construct 2, even I can’t remember it. I have done this for my grandson Kai Stoneman and Rueben Stoneman whom are 8,and 6 year old. Also for some school teachers, UK Online which I cannot name them here. My inspiration for you and others to learn from it. My gurus enlightened myself to pass my knowledge on.

For this game we don’t need much so here goes.

Open Construct 2 and create new Empty SD landscape 16:9 project;

1. Name it Spherical Shooter

2. Windows size to 1280, 720

3. Also same 1280, 720 layout as well

4. Create sprite 1280, 720 any color you like

5. Add 4 more frames with different colors.

Our Layout Screen

Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow or whatever you like. Name it Background

Name this Layout Main_Game

Name events to Main_Events

Place this 1280, 720 sprite in middle @ 640, 360

Add Browser and Touch control.

Add new layer and name it Player

Create sprite Player size 70, 80 or use mine Player Behaviors none.

Create sprite Enemy 40, 40 Behavior SINE and set it like so:

Create sprite projectile 10, 10 Behaviour Bullet and destroy outside layout speed 400


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