Spawn Object Randomly without Family

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Hey friend...

Did you ever thinking about spawning object randomly but you couldn’t do it because family only for licensed user?

We have solution for that……

Spawning Object Randomly without Family

First step, Don’t forget to open construct 2 first, not any other application... :D

Then, create new project and prepare the assets of object for random spawning. You can download and use our assets


Add sprite for these assets

In this tutorial we have 4 assets, so we must have 4 animations too

and now we have 4 animations

Close Edit Image window and go to event sheet

just do everything as your own game's event sheet, in that picture we will spawn the object every 0.5 second in 9 different positions randomly

Then, add action, select sprite we made before and select set animation

For the random spawning without family, do like picture below

Here's the complete events and actions

That's all our tutorial, hope it'll be helpful

Sorry for our bad English, Thank you...

You can download our sample project



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