A slider made from sprites

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Hey!, so i decided to make a custom slider bar because the default slider plugin looks really unfitting with any game.

We're gonna make a slider bar for effects paramters, you can use it for anything you want.

the idea of making this happen is to make an empty sprite and setting it's X to 0 and making a boundary between 0 and 100, because we're gonna make the max to the effect 100.

And then pinning the empty sprite to the actual slider button, and adding a drag and drop behavior to the slider bar Horizontal only.. then putting a boundary to the slider.

I can't really explain further, but you can download the Capx from the top-left and trying it out for yourself.



Needed plugins to open the Capx:

Boundary behavior by rexrainbow

Will post a demo soon!



Download now 181.54 KB

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