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Today I got bored while programming and randomly got the idea to make something in fake 3D. This is all rendered using WebGL and the light plugin. It's pretty simple, hope it helps someone out.

Note that each planet is rendered a different way. The one in the middle is the most special of them all. Anyone could easily just make the simulation so that the middle planet layer doesn't parallax, therefore making it stay in place and sort of look like it's rotating.

In this, I created the middle layer so that it did Parallax, but more-so you can actually put objects like sprites and such on the planet. The reason for this is well... I don't really know, I thought it'd be cool. This also allows the user to design a game on top of the planet, like an RPG. Or you could just make an RTS like Sins of a Solar Empire. Or even a space shooter where you fly around this one planet? Just some ideas. anyways, hope you like it.

And just so you all know I will be releasing my SSB/Anime fighting engine on here soon.



Download now 3.9 MB

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