How to make a simple score system!



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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


There should be pictures at every step if not I will fix it

Today I will be showing you how to make a simple score system/points system

What you will need

• An object to add an instance variable to

• Preferably the latest build of Construct 2

• Text to display the score count

So to get started you need to create a text object(Or blank sprite object) and place it somewhere on your game canvas as you can see I have created a text object saying coins.

Now create an instance variable and call it something like “CoinCnt” make sure it is set to type number and the initial value must be 0 you can add a description if it helps you.

Now open the event sheet and do the following:

Create an event and select the player sprite

Now select "is overlapping another object" and select the coin object or whatever your game has

Now add an action and select the object you added the instance variable to

Now select “add to” under instance variables section select the variable you created

And put in the number of points you want the coin to give the player

Now add another action and select the text you want to display the amount of coins with

Select "set text" and delete what is in the text box on screen and goto the objects with expressions box(It’s really hard to see it’s just where the even sheet is ) and now select the object with the instance variable and select the variable from the selections then put then put a & sign before it and put coin count or something similar before the & sign with a " before and after the text like the picture below

And that’s it! It really is that simple once you get the hang of it making your points systems will be a breeze a piece of cake!

Of course you can make it more advanced than this I just gave beginners an easy way PEACE OUT!

Heres the full event sheet


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