Simple Platform Tutorial Part 2


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Let’s add events now so click on events. Here click on add event

now lets create how to control player add these line

Now if you tyed in some events and then you thought about putting them in GROUP do not worry all you do: Now here is best ways to add and remember what is what.

Create group and call CONTROLING PLAYER. Now Click on event first or last one then hold the Ctrl and click on other events by left side. This will high light every event you have clicked. Now drag every event and drop it in CONTROLING PLAYER: BINGO all your events are gone in to that group. very easy.

Now add blocks conditions

Part 2 is done in part 3 we will add cave where our player will fall down and then player will be out of cave through other tunnel. We do not have to use to many events sheet we ne using only 2 and control our player from event one. See you soon as you already know I am 65 and at moment my health is bad soon as get better I will finish this tutorioal. Until then please wait.


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