A Simple go to Layout trick with Family

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This tutorial is for a simple go to layout trick that can help cuts down on having too many events specifying which layout to go to.

Text version

1) Create an a text object

2) Create an Instant Variable for text object , |Type:Text| |Value: Layout Name|

3) Clone the Object

# From the project bar pull the object out on to any other layout.

# After cloning, you need to change the object instance variable in the project bar to the name of the layout that you want it to go to.

4) Create the events

#the click & click2 are instance variable that stores the name of the next layout.


Sprite version

Have a sprite with multiple frames prepare

1) Double Clicking a sprite brings out Animation 'Default' Properties on the left

2) Set the Speed to 0

# this will stop the animation to change from the

3) Set the Initial Frame to the frame that you want

# Doing this allows your sprite to have various shape and size while having one object for the event sheet to run.

4) The rest, cloning, instances and events are similar to the text version above.



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