Simple Construct 2 Admob Ads [Working]



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Hi there, in this tutorial I will explain the proper integration of Google Ad Mob Ads using construct 2 and

What’s required?

1. Banner or Interstitial ad unit id (

2. Built in C2 Ad Mob Plugin

3. account (

Step 1 – Insert New Object

- Double click anywhere and when the insert panel pops up, search for admob

- Insert the admob Plugin

Step 2 – Configure Admob Ads

- Inside the Object types folder and select admob

- Configure by adding admob ad unit id

Step 3 – Create New Events

- Go to your desired event sheet and insert the following

Note: This will trigger an interstitial once the layout linked with this event sheet is displayed

Step 4 – Save your project!

Step 5 – Export Your Project

- File > Export Project

Step 6 – Choose a platform to export to

- Select Mobile/Cordova

Step 7 – Export Options

- Create a new folder for export

- Uncheck minify script

Step 8 – Cordova Options

- Use new Intel XDK project format

- Minimum android use Crosswalk

Step 9 – Open Destination Folder

- Keep only the www folder

- Delete all the additional files

Step 10 – Compress www folder to

Step 11 – Drag and drop to > Create Project

Step 12 – Configure Project Settings

- Fill in details in default

- Select Android fill in data

+ Webview Engine: Webview

+ Architecture: X86

+ minSDKVersion: Default

+ targetSDKVersion: Default

Important Notice

If you are experiencing a white screen when Ads shows up, then you should be using canvas+ in web view engine and arm7 architecture.

Step 13 – Install Admob Custom Plugin

- Insert Git Url:

Step 14 – Save Project!

Step 15 – Build your project and download APK !

Step 16 – Test and leave a comment! :D

Find my example game with working ads in the link:

Review my game thanks in advance guys!


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