Scirra Construct 2 AppCrash

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If you run scirra Construct 2 and when you open your save file. Then, Construct 2 will close with error AppCrash. That mean your save file cap/capx not error/broken.

It's because your graphic card problem. When you update your graphic card, then you will run Construct 2 100% works fine. This should works because I have face this problem.

My problem when I upgrade my graphic card, my Windows Media player playing mts file will stuck and hang/jam then it's force me to shut down my laptop. My laptop is HP Pavilion dv2 Series.

After I uninstall my graphic card then windows media player playing fine mts file but my Construct 2 still force close and appcrash.

The solution is, I just upgrade my graphic card. I don't play mts file in windows movie player.

The important thing for me is, I must use CONSTRUCT 2 rather then watch mts video in Windows Media Player.

This problem solve if you upgrade your graphic card and Construct 2 will run just fine!


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