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Add new Event Sheet and name it TextMSG. In this TextMSG, also include this in your Maingame_Event sheet.

Events add code below:

Start of Layout = arr_mapMSG set value (0) "Entering Black forest grassland" all your code should look like below:

That’s our board messages done. Now we have to display our arr_mapMSG when board come in view for player. It’s not hard we can do this by our Instance variables we set for Sign Board. So our goes something like this;

Spr_Signs has LineOfSight txtMSG Visible

Spr_Signs has LineOfSight txtMSG arr_mapMSG.At(spr_Signs.sign_ID) simple

Code is below:

At the end of statement if player moves far away from sign board txtMSG to invisible. Now if you have followed this part exactly your sign ARRAY should work fine if not check it again please. Furthermore make group and insert your code in Group like this:

In part 3 we will create weapons and how to use it as well until then please take care.

God Bless

Lord Shiva


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