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Many of you ask Shiva how do you start creating your game. Where do you begin from? Do you start designing Level first with player and objects adding after? Please if could give some variety how to create games with Construct 2. Is C2 is capable, proficient adequate for game making?

Construct 2 Is proficient, adequate for game making. Better faster and easy to understand and put into operation for any type of game making. Long as you use logically, rationally, and understandably. Anything is possible and achievable with Construct 2. Here I will show you how I create and construct my game or other tools I create with Construct 2.

Let’s start our project RPG game tutorial. I have used only 4 layer because those whom using free Construct 2 version will learn how Construct 2 adequate for game making.

Open Construct 2. New project retro style and just name it RPG Game or whatever you wish. I use retro type because what you need for project is at hand and you do not need to add anything. You could use default windows size 320, 180 for now.

We don’t need Text and Tilebackground delete it please. For our game you need grassland or whatever you like but, if you want to use one I used then feel free to download it from:


Name first layer as BackTilemap, now create your BackTilemap layer looking something like below. Set view and snap to guide set grid to 16, 16 show grid. Draw your grass, boulders, Trees and so on:

In BackTilemap change Tile Width to 16 and Tile height to 16;

Now lock the BackTilemap layer and add layer name it Solid_Objects.

On this layer create Tile any colour Background set size 8, 8 and name it SolidTile. Set behaviour to solid as well plus set visibility to Invisibility. Place this tile over our trees and boulders like below:

When you RUN your project SolidTile will not be visible but will act as solid object so player cannot pass through. For now lock this layer and add another layer call it Player.

On this layer create sprite call it spr_Player.


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