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Congratulations on working along Part 1, Part 2, Now

Part 3 in this section we will be covering:

1. Programming our HUD bar selector

2. Adding controls for our player

3. Making our player interact with our world

4. Implementing attack

5. Implementing a bullet attack

6. Adding our medical ability

Create new layer name it HUD

HUD stands for Head up Display where player can see scores, Lives, Shields, weapons etc.

It makes no difference how big your layout is, long as you set PARALLAX for HUD layer to 0, 0. Once it’s done this HUD layer will act as your informer which will give you all the information’s you code into your Event Sheet.

Let’s add HUD (head-up display) Bar and add some actions.

On HUD layer create sprite set size 320, 32 and name it HUD_Bar. Now drag this sprite to BOTTOM of layer (Doted Lines) somewhere like 160, 168. So it will look like below:

Create sprite 32 x 32 and name it Hud_Bar. Drag the Hud_Bar at bottom where dotted line is say about 160, 168.

Make Hud_Bar bigger about same size as Windows size. 320, 32

Create another sprite name it spr_Boxes add these sprites below or create your own

Remember here we are going to create Animation for above sprites. On animation, name

It as follow:

Something likes this:

Now create another sprite name it Box_Selector 16 x 16


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