Rexrainbow Board series tutorial #3 Chess remove, drop, and add row

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Chapter 1. Chess Remove


In last tutorial we've successfully find matched chess in match-3 and L-shape patterns. In this tutorial we will teach you how to remove those chess, drop them down, and add a new row of chess on our board.

Before we start, we need to refactor our event sheet in order to make it a structural design. Please open the capx file which you made in last tutorial, add a <Function> plugin to your project, and edit the following parts:

In the above event sheet we moved match-3 logic into "match3" function, and moved L-shaped logic into "matchL" function and call them every 1.0 seconds. In each of the <Matcher> event, we destroy chess after flashing them for 0.5 seconds. Push <F4> to run layout, now you can see the matched chess are removed after flashing for 0.5 seconds.


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