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Recently I wanted to show the text "Bonus +10" in a game. This needed to scroll up from the bottom and scroll back down after a second.

To solve this issue I used Rex MoveTo plugin.

You can download this from here

or here

I have included a sample capx file to show how this works.

I found one needs to take into account the time it takes to move up. This is that although the text pops up as required to wait for that 1 second before the text is scrolled down once again one has to include the time it takes to scroll up roughly.

In the example it took nearly 1 second to scroll the text up and hence I added another second as waiting time before it moves down again.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Apologies if my explanation in English isn't perfect but I am not English native speaking.

The capx was also uploaded to the Scirra Arcade which can be found here



Download now 575.09 KB

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