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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


If you want to submit your game to appBackr and possibly make a bit of money, you will first need to create a WGT file for your game.

First of all, ensure you have filled out the details in project properties:

Next, export your project to Tizen:

When prompted, click Submit to appBackr:

A new browser window will open. If you have not yet registered as a user on appBackr, it will ask for a couple of details. Please note, you must be logged in or registered as a Scirra user first to be able to access this page.

The new window asks you for a wgt file. To create this file, first locate the files just created as part of the Tizen export:

Add them to a new zip file, you can call it anything you want. However, once the zip is created make sure you rename it to have a .wgt extension!

That's it! You can now upload this file on the online form.


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