Remember values of instance variables

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Hi, in this tutorial I'll show you how you can save values of instance variables and then load the saved values without any special saving-plugin. I will use global variables ("Text") to store the values. If you want to save many different instance-variables: Perhaps the Plugin Sprite Bank will do a good job for you.

At first have a look at the examples below:

First example: Type some text in. After hitting the “next Layout” Button you will see a second Layout – you can write some text in the TextBox again. The Button on the second Layout brings you back to the first Layout and you will see your typed text ;)

(Page 2,3 in the tutorial)

Second example: Similar to the first example but for many instances of the TextBox-object. (Page 4,5 in the tutorial)

Third example: Drag the sprites around – the positions of the sprites will be remembered.

You can download all examples at the last page of this tutorial.

All suggestions are welcome and have fun, Joe7 ;)


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