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Hi there!

Well after doing a success installation and publishing this feature in my game "V8:ElCaminoACasa Free" for Windows 8, I decided to share how I make this integration because you can't do it with the actually features integrated in Construct2 Windows 8 object. So...let's get started.

First of all this Tutorial is intended to those GAMES that have been already published in the Windows Store, if you haven't do that or doesn't have started with that you must first look to this tutorial: How to make a Windows 8 app

Second your need to know the code of your App in the Windows Store, that's very easy and simply you can find it in the link of your App in the email the Store sent to you when they aprove your App the link will look like this:


In the case of my game it looks like this:


So you will need the last number code just copy it we will need it later: XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX

The next step is to figure it out how you are going to make the feature of "Get Rated" will work, in this case I recommend you to use a simple sprite "Button" in your startup page but you can put it wherever you want in your game, here's how it looks in my game:

Ok now that you know where to put the "Button" we need to add a simply trick on the code in the Event Page in Construct2 using the "Browser" component. I guess that you have used it to put links to another pages or the fan page of the game for example, but in this case we will use it to link to a 'New Window' that will open the default browser to a customized web page.

Before going to the code in Construct2 we need to setup the infraestructure outside for this to work, you will need to upload an .html page to a hosting site, I recommend you use a secure and good one. For example if you already have your own website you can use it, for my game I used the services of Windows Azure, but it's ok even if you use a really free web hosting.

Create an .html page with the name you want an include the next code in it:

    <!DOCTYPE html>


        <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;url=ms-windows-store:REVIEW?PFN=c2ec7d69-f413-4c17-b1c8-5b44c6c39acb"> 
        <p>Thank you for taking the time for giving us your rate!!</p> 


If you notice you have inside of this code an url that will invoke the review of your game, but you need to edit it and put the code number of your game, that's all !! I saved that under this name reviewV8W8.html and uploaded to my website: lrpsoftblog.azurewebsites.net

Now that you have uploaded the .html page to the right infraestructure website, just add the next code to your Construct2 project:

Be sure to include the Browser objetc in to your project, just find it and insert it if you haven't already:

So give your Game this feature and you will start to see more reviews that will increase your downloads too when the users click or touch your button will see that:

Good luck, try it and let me know your comments or if you need any extra help.

Best regards and success!!



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