Make a randomized Radio (Using music and sounds from Fallout 3)



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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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Thought I would post this here for anyone that is interested in this or just love the music from Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3 (it's great!).

Here is a quick example of making a nice little radio out of the sounds and music from Galaxy News Radio. The only thing you need to be able to open the Capx is the CRT Shader effect from the wonderful @anata. (CRT Shader)

If you have any questions or comments post them here or in the thread I made for it here: Galaxy News Radio Forum Thread

Thanks and enjoy!

Disclaimer - We do not own the rights to these songs, so do not use them for anything other than for fun or learning purposes!

So it looks like the Capx is too large for submitting so here is a download link for it here:

Dropbox Download Capx


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