Make Quick App (Android App-.apk) , from HTML5 website export !

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Hello !

Well , if you were thinking if you could directly make an Android App (.apk file) from the HTML 5 Export in Construct 2 .

Yes , you can !

Just Download this "" file :-

Ok , so now we can start !

1. Extract that above "" file .

2. Open "Quick App.cmd"

3. After starting "Quick App.cmd" , you will be asked to :-

    a. Export your Construct 2 project as HTML5 website.

    b. Copy all the files from your Exported folder to "assets" folder give in Quick App
        So , now your assets folder should have the main "index.html" file.
        (Note. index.html file is loaded into the app)

    c. After that , just enter a name for your app
        (Note. there should be no space in your name)

    d. Now wait for some time and you will get you app (.apk signed file).

Yea... , DONE !!

You can also read the README.txt file in the Quick App Folder !

Well thats it , but keep in mind :

1. The app uses "WebView" , so your app might lag.. !

2. well this is just for Quick test your app on android !


Download now 314.24 KB

Download now 531.09 KB

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  • o app é apenas uma tela preta

  • Tried this I got the APK but the apk has a header on top stating quick app with an arrow which I dont want. Secondly, the game doesnt load. Gives me a black screen.

    Tried build with cordova also, there too blank screen. Game was made using construct 2.