Publishing to the Scirra Arcade

An easy way to share your game with the world is to publish it on the Scirra Arcade! We host the game for you so you don't need to find your own web server.


You can use the Scirra Arcade's hi-score board system with your game! Use the Scirra Arcade object's Submit score action. You'll also need to create a hi-score board in the Scirra Arcade game manager after publishing the game, and then submit a couple of scores, before the hi-score board will appear.

Fullscreen support

Scirra Arcade games can still display in fullscreen, where they take up the entire display instead of displaying framed within the Scirra Arcade page. This helps bring extra immersion to your game. To do this simply use the Browser object's Request fullscreen action. Note this action must be used in a user input trigger, like On button clicked, On touch start, etc. otherwise the browser will ignore the request.


To ensure players have a good experience on the Scirra Arcade, some features are blocked. Your game cannot navigate to another page, nor open any popup windows. If you wish to provide a link to a website, put it in the game's description instead.


To export for the Scirra Arcade, simply choose the Scirra Arcade option when exporting. You'll get a zip file when the export finishes. Upload this file to the Scirra Arcade and follow the additional steps. (You'll need to be logged in to a Scirra account to be able to do this.) Your game may need to be approved by a moderator as an anti-spam measure. Once everything's approved, then your game will be live!

Good luck!

Good luck publishing your game! Can you get in to the Top games section?