Publishing to the Scirra Arcade

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  • Construct 3 games can no longer be added to the Scirra Arcade. Please fix the exporter or take that down as an option!

    • Yes, im having trouble even uploading my game as well. I have C3, and it's asking me to use c2 runtime. I know I can switch back but it's a lot of work that I have to do, such as take out things that C3 runtime uses that C2 runtime don't uses. C3 runtime runs very smoothly in my game and it's a shame it can't upload. However prayer sure do changes things and I know for sure someone is going to get down to the bottom of this so that C3 games can be add and it's runtime can be playable in the Scirra Arcade. I even made a post about this too in the "general discussion" forums.

    • Is this fixed? Can you upload it now?

      • Yes, it is fixed now! Construct just updated a WHOLE NEW layout page of the scrirra arcades website! It looks fresh clean and up to date, as well as more professional and allows C3 RUNTIME! I cannnot not wait to upload my game now! Prayer sure do changes things!