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What is Game Jolt?

Game Jolt is a website that hosts indie games. Two particularly interesting features it offers are ad revenue sharing (Game Jolt shares 30% of revenue generated by ads on game pages, blogs and user pages with developers) and achievement API (a plugin for Construct 2 is available here.) Recently, Game Jolt introduced HTML5 game support, becoming another viable place to publish Construct 2 games.

What about Free Edition users?

By default, games uploaded to Game Jolt have ad revenue sharing enabled, which may pose a problem for Free Edition users, who are not allowed to earn money from their games. Fortunately, Game Jolt recently introduced an option to disable ads for your games. Thanks to this, Free Edition users can feel free to publish their creations on Game Jolt. To disable ads, upload your game and go to its dashboard. Then, go to Settings and switch Show ads? to Off.

Exporting the game

Game Jolt supports both in-browser and downloadable games (exported using NW.js, for example). If you want players to play your game in a browser, you need to export it as an HTML5 website using an Embed style template and zip it, making sure the index.html file is at the top level of the .zip archive (not in a subfolder). This .zip file is what you will upload to Game Jolt later. Before you zip your game, you may want to change the background color to white to match the background on Game Jolt. To do this, open the index.html file in any text editor and find this fragment:

        body { background-color: black;

Then, change it to this:

        body { background-color: white;

If you want to use the NW.js exporter, create separate ZIP files for Windows, Mac and Linux versions as well as 32 and 64-bit versions. This will later allow your players to choose the version they want.

Creating a Game Jolt account

You need to create an account on Game Jolt in order to upload your game. You can create it here. The process is fairly straightforward - just follow the instructions.

Publishing your game

Adding the game to Game Jolt

Before you proceed, make sure your game meets the following requirements:

- it must be free,

- it must be made by you (you are not allowed to upload a game if you are a publisher and not the developer),

- it must not be a demo of a commercial game,

- it must not contain links to other versions of your game on other websites,

- if your game is browser-based, it must not contain advertisements in the preloader.

If you meet the above requirements, go to your dashboard and click the Add Game button. Confirm that your game meets the requirements I mentioned and you will see this form:

Fill the form and click the Add Game button. This form is quite short, but don't panic - your game is not yet listed on the website and no one (other than you) can see it. To make your game available to the public, you must:

- upload a thumbnail for your game (it must be a 16:9 ratio picture at least 588x331 pixels in size),

- set a maturity rating (using The Independent Game Rating System, or TIGRS in short),

- make the game publicly visible by clicking a link in your game's dashboard.

Before you make the game available for the masses, take your time to upload some screenshots and add other information.

Packages, releases and builds

Recently, Game Jolt has overhauled their upload system. At first, it may seem confusing, but you should learn how to use it fairly quickly.

Packages are the main way to organize your game files. You can create a main package that contains the actual game and separate packages for art packs, soundtracks, level editors and so on.

Releases are different versions of your package. Each time you update your game or another package, you should create a new release. Each release needs a version number (such as 1.2.4). Releases are hidden by default, so you can can publish them later when they are ready.

Builds are files you need to upload for each release. You can upload both downloadable builds (you can select either any platform you want or "Other") and browser builds (for Construct 2 HTML5 games, you will obviously want to select "HTML").

You can learn more about Game Jolt's upload system here. By default, the size limit per individual file is 2000 MB (recently raised from 1000 MB). It's very unlikely you will ever need more than that, but you can ask the Game Jolt team to increase this limit for you if you need to.

Finishing up

Once your game has a distribution and some information entered, you can make it public by clicking a link in its dashboard. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


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