Promote a game and the hard way to make you hear.

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

This small tutorial aims to help you cast your first game.

Now that i have finished the game (design, code and music) ... now i'm rich.

Intended as a simple guide to marketing apps for developers to market launch your application and do not get the coveted downloads they expect after working on the development of the mobile application.

The main reason behind not meeting expectations or not the difficulty of getting the initial visibility is in the amount of existing applications on Google Play Market or App Store.

Before launching the app in the markets there is a previous work , leave everything as preparation and care:

- Test , test and test the application,

- Choosing a name, innovative and impactful. Careful not to infringe trademark !,

- Creating icons , take care of this aspect is the hallmark of any smartphone,

- Prepare a detailed description on Google Play and / or App Store; keywords of our game,

- Screenshots of Google Play Market and / or App Store the more striking, more attract, is your shop window,

- Having a website or blog game to play,

- Having to make a demo version and a payment,

- Create a video tutorial helps present operation,

- Promotion on social networks like facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest or youtube in areas where our app is moved.

- Media appearances and specialized blogs - some are free and some not -, some:

. 1mobile

. indiegamer

. scirra

. gamezomg

. toucharcade

. vandal

. ...

- Being present in all possible markets, some:

. amazon

. android market - the application must be on Google Play Market -

. app brain - the application must be on Google Play Market -

. app store

. camangi market

. chrome web store - html 5 -

. - html 5 and promotion -

. desura

. fgl - promotion html 5 -

. fireflower games - pc, mac, linux -

. gamejolt - html 5 -

. gamemix - promotion html5 -

. gamer's state - pc, mac, linux -

. getjar

. google play market


. indie city - pc, mac, linux -


. mac game store - mac -

. marketjs - promotion html 5 -

. shinyloot - pc, mac, linux -

. slide market

. samsung market

. softonic

. steam

. windows store

. ...

Good luck to all those who dream and dare to actually fulfill his dream.


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