4 productivity tricks with the event editor

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4- Bookmark navigation

Event bookmarks - Construct 2 manual

Constructs proposes a solid bookmarking system. They permit you to quickly jump from one important block of events to the next. Is there a function that you have to update frequently in your code? Bookmark it! To bookmark:

- Select a whole event line (not just a condition or action)

- Press Ctrl F2


A little pink star icon should appear next to the line you just bookmarked. You can jump to the next bookmark by pressing F2, and jump to the previous bookmark by pressing Shift F2.

But there is more to it! There is a little bookmark tab in Construct 2. If it isn’t visible on your interface already, you can enable it. In Construct 2:

- Go to the view tab (in the ribbon)

- Click the “Bookmark Bar” checkbox



This tab lists all of your bookmarked events, with their line number. To go to a bookmark from the list, double click on its name. This makes it easy for you to quickly jump to a place of your choice!

To me, bookmarks shine when used in conjunction with the search function in C2. You can bookmark an event filtered during a research. Then, press escape to go back to the event sheet. You can now jump back to this event and using the bookmark tab!


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