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Someone was learning making game pong with Construct 2. He said he followed exactly as video explain but, game would not work. In the end he gave up and asked me is it possible to create pong in Construct 2?

My answer is anything possible with Construct 2. To prove it here is pong game in Construct 2 for everyone and not for just one person.

To create Pong start Construct 2 and create new project. Call this project Pong

1. Set windows size to 760 x 760

2. Set layout size to 760 x 760

3. Create 4 layers and name them BG, Wall, Player, HUD

4. Set background colour to Black.

5. For top and bottom create 1 sprite and name it Wall

6. You will need 2 sprite for left and right as goal.

7. Name it Playergoal and ComputerGoal

8. Create Ball sprite

9. Create 2 BAT sprite one for Player and one is computer control

10. Create 1 more sprite and call it Spawnball and place it in centre

11. On HUD layer create 2 textbox and name it ComputerScore and PlayerScore

Now everything you done here are the sprite I used.

Your sprite

Set size 760 x 10 place this on top of layer and copy it one in bottom

Set size 760 x 10 Left side

Set size 760 x 10 right side



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