Pointer with variables to create indexed list

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Say you want to make a list of running games multiplayer plugin, assuming you have all the connections and other requirements ready , we need two variables and a link where lso print results, for example , a list.

For the first variable and the second call TotalCount Pointer .

For example, as I said before, use the plugin Multiplayer , therefore , ask for the list of instances of our game.

Once received we will clean the object list and will capture the number of instances of the game in TotalCount variable.

Create a sub - event with a while and tell you not to stop while varieble TotalCount pointer less than two actions , one for each subject by adding the last fence where the pointer is and another priate do add 1 to the pointer variable .

Finally, a sub event else this pointer variable to set starting at 0.

With this we can go a complete indexed list and print all items regardless of whether they are constant or not.

I hope it is useful to someone. Greeting, thanks and sorry for my very bad english.


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