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Part 1: Seting up the project

Construct 2 has some features that are awesome and that are sometimes forgotten.


Families are a great tool. It gives you the opportunity to manage many objects together as one greater group.

If you're not familiar with families, look at the manual. They're quite well explained:

We'll create two families:



(However, I recommand using sprites for walls, and floors instead of tiled backgrounds like Scirra did in the default exemple)

Put every Tiled solid platform in "TiledSolid"

Same thing for Jump trough platforms in "Jumpthru"


Construct has default controls that you can use with most movement behaviors.

However, you might want to set up your own controls.

To achieve this, we'll use functions.

Change the code to have every input call functions corresponding to what it should do:

Then, set up the default actions for each function:

Great job! You just set up your platformer. Actually, just this could be considered as a decent basis for a platformer. But let's add more!


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