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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial. 's Platformer Starterkit Update 1.1

Thanks to those people who gave me positive feedback.

Please reply here if you like it and maybe if enough feedback comes up

ill make a kit for other game types and release them here.

Also ill try to put every advice in it.

Full Feature List :

current number of events used in "ENGINE" sheet = 76

- using one basic "engine" sheet and include it in every level plus the levels

own sheet. This allowes me to build faster.

- Fullscreen Toggle

- Hide Cursor in game window

- Touch Controls (easy to enable / disable)

- Basic Life System

- Save System ( with savepoints)

- Scrolling

- Scrolling Background via Parallax

- Sounds

     # on jump
     # Dead
     # Powerup
     # running
     # turret sounds
     # teleport

- Background Music (Atmo)

- teleporters

- Gamepad support

- Debug options on F keys

     # F1 Fullscreen ON
     # F2 Fullscreen OFF
     # F11 Give Instant Powerup
     # F3 Show Game Info

- Player Sprite Animations

     # Running Left & Right

- Powerup usage

- Custom Controls

     # WASD movement
     # Space to jump

Informations :

     # FULL Version of C2 required because i use 5 layers
     # Note that this is NOT a perfect starter kit or "engine" . Just try smth out
     and learn from parts of it. I am still a beginner and did everything in the way
     it worked the best for myself. Maybe some parts of this kit can be done better
     or more clean but hey its the first and most complete starter kit here.

Changelog :


     # Initial release

update 1.1

     # removed "disabled" lines
     # fixed some events
     # removed 3rd party plugins
     # redone the "handmade" notification system
     # updated the project to R146
     # decided to upload the folder not the CAPX.
     # included easy to handle switch between mobile and desktop controls
     # added a 4th layer on every layout to make the above function possible
     # mayor bug fixes
     # gave every object the corrent name to achieve a better overview


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