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People say, started a game but halfway coding the game, get a new idea and try to add on this or that get lost and drop that game altogether and start all-over with the new game idea. Happened many of time, therefore, guide us how do you create your game? Here is the demo that will help many, I hope. It is not so hard but lots of work involved and logic too because a computer only understands Zero and Ones.

Open Construct 2, create a new project and name it as you wish. New Retro Style Project. Everything is the default, no need to change anything.

Before we go forward remember, this tutorial uses sprites from:

Therefore we must give them credit also to the person who has created sprites and background too.

Set your layout size to:

1. 1680, 480 X= 1680 Y= 480

2. Set margin 2000, 2000 (optional)

3. Set Background colour RGB (0,0,0), Black

4. Name this Level_1 (you can add many level as you wish once you learnt this)

Create 3 layers:

1. Background

2. Map

3. Player

We will add another layout when and if we need it, for now, this will be fine. On background load any background you wish, on the map, layer add any map as you like and design your level as you like. Once your map Layer is done, set your map behaviour to solid. This will act as our Solid walking platform. Therefore we do not need to create any other sprite as the solid wall.

Fill in your details as I have, also change your property same as mine. As for our Layout looks something like below, you will be deferent as you have designed your own Layout, the principal is the same length as you follow my tutorial. My aim is to teach you the way you feel comfortable.

Design your level map as you like and set property to Solid.


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