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Let’s create game entirely using PHYSICS movements. We will not use sprites behaviour like Bullets or Player movement in Platform or 8 directions. This game will use mouse and physics.

Start Construct 2 and create new project, call it whatever you like.

1. Set layout size to 1500 x 480

2. Create background and name it background or as you wish.

3. Create another layer and call whatever you like.

4. Lock layer background

Your background looks like below and Set opacity to ZERO 0. Set size to 1500 x 120. Place this ground sprite on Background layer bottom. So when we insert other sprites this ground sprite will not be effected.

Now create Sprite and call it ground

Create sprite Block like below

Create sprite Cannon

Create sprite Cannon Ball

Create sprite and call it Goal ball or whatever you wish.

Now create particle we will use our above sprites for particle.

Add another sprite for winning the game and call it Win Star


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