Particle Effects Series #5: Growing Rings Loop


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I assume you know the basics of C2.

You can download a sample capx and skip this tutorial as you may want to explore it yourself.

Let's Get Started !

1. Create a new project.

2. Name it as you want.

3. Change Layout color to dark grey so we can see the particle effect better (rgb: 30,30,30)

4. Place a particle object on top of layout.

How will the particle effect look?

When you done you will have this simple to achieve but nice to have particle effect.

Configure Particle Effect

The first thing you should do is to download the rings or circle spritefrom the left side. Later you can experiment with your own textures.

Then when you double click particle object you will see the dialog where you can draw on a canvas. Simply import here the sprite. The button for that is on top called "Load an image from file". Once you are done close the window. So you should have something similar to this at the end.

Next select particle effect and on left side you will see all the properties. Now to apply the effect as in the gif above shown we need to change couple of things.

I'll just list all changes done in property and give a short comment on it.

Rate = 1

We only want 1 circle to spawn at a time as too many circles will look weird.

Spray cone = 0

Particles shouldn't spray around.

Speed = 0

Particles also shouldn't move on any so turn off the speed by setting it to 0.

Size = 1

We want start small and then grow big. Size refers to the initial size of each particle. So by setting it to 1 we have tiny almost invisible particles.

Grow Rate = 150

This is the factor that makes the particles grow over time. Remember I said we want start small and GROW. If you set a higher value for this the bigger your particles will be at the end.

Acceleration = 0

Particles should move as a constant speed. Therefore there is no need for accelerating them.

Speed randomiser = 0

This is set to 800 by default. Set it to 0 because it has to do with acceleration and we just said that there shouldn't be any. To be honest 800 or 0 won't make much of a difference.

Destroy Mode = Timeout expired

By default it is fading. And in most cases fade is a good thing so the particles don't suddenly disappear from screen. However for this particle effect fading makes it worse because the glowing effect will be lost.

Timeout = 2

Give each particle 2 seconds before they get destroyed. You can change this value according your needs. I found 2 just perfect.

And that's all you have to do.

Hit play and enjoy the newly created particle effect.

Bonus: Growing Rectangle Loop

As mentioned above you can now test and experiment with your own textures, shapes, colors etc. For example how about a red rectangle instead of a blue circle?

All I did was to change the texture which we loaded as the particle image earlier in this tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial good luck !

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Download now 197.4 KB

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