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When your travel in car, train or any vehicle you would have notices that far away objects move very slowly but, near objects move very fast.

Taking same principal in your scrolling game how can you implement that? Well there are many ways you can do it but, I will show little simple way very crude but at same time effective if you can do it right.


Create new projects and name it as you like

Now let’s create 5 layouts

1 Background and name it BG or whatever you like

2 Layers Near

3 Layers Middle

4 Layers Faraway

5 Layers Player

Now on layers 1 BG set Parallax to 100,100

Now on layers 2 near set Parallax to 10,100

Now on layers 3 Middle set Parallax to 40,100

Now on layers 4 Faraway set Parallax to 80,100

Now on layers 5 Player set Parallax to 100,100

On layer 1 BG create background picture of your choice and then you have to divide that picture in four parts like I have done. See CAPX



Download now 3.03 MB

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