Parallax effect with 4 layers for Construct2 Free edition

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Add a parallax effect to our games can be a great feature for create a new environment for the player, but how they work?

The parallax is the angular deviation of the apparent position of an object depending of the chosen point of view, for example, when you are driving your car, you watch the street and you see a bunch of objects that suffers a different parallax effect depending the point of view that you have referenced to them.

In the world of games, we have a lot of examples of this effect, angry birds and shank are good ones.

Construct 2 offers a very easy way to add this fantastic effect to our games, and this tutorial will help you to understand how to make it.

If you are not very familiarized with Construct 2 user interface I suggest you to visit The Construct 2 Interface at the manual section.

Also if you are new in game development first of all check this tutorials:

Beginner's guide to Construct 2

How to make a Platform game

This will be here waiting for you.

Setting up Window and layout sizes

For this example you need to set te Window size to this scale:

After that, adjust the layout size to:

This will be a platform game, so we will need a very long way to run over it. So the final result of our layout size is:


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