How to package apk files locally by yourself using Cordova

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

**Today I'm gonna show you how to generate apk files without the need of an internet connection, and with only a simple click ! It will take you some time to setup all the installations below, so you better be patient because what you'll get to do at the end will be worth it!

Note: Make sure to run all installations as the Administrator.**


You will need for this tutorial:

- Java development kit

- Android Studio

- Android SDK Packages for Cordova

- NodeJS

Step 1:

Install the Java development kit (Java SE Development Kit 8u121)

Step 2:

Install Android Studio

Step 3:

Run Android Studio (It will take some time to prepare for its first run) and go to Tools > Android > SDK Manager.

Install the following packages :

Close Android Studio

Step 4:

Install NodeJS

Step 5:

Restart your computer

Step 6:

Create a new folder on your desktop named myCordovaExporter

Run the MS-DOS cmd

Type in : cd [your folder placement]

example: cd C:\Users\MyPC\Desktop\myCordovaExporter

Type in: npm install -g cordova

Step 7:

Now that we've installed everything, let's setup our project folder:

Type in : cordova create CordovaProject com.mystudio.mygame

Cordova will download some necessary packages, this process will take some time.

Step 8:

Switch to the directory by typing: cd CordovaProject

Since we're targeting Android, type in: cordova platform add android

Step 9:

Export your C2 project to a new folder:

Step 10:

Delete contents of the folder CordovaProject/www/

Copy the contents of your C2 project (index.html,c2runtime.js, etc...) to that folder.

Step 11:

Open CordovaProject/config.xml and paste replace the its content with this :


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