Make Your Own Spinning Turret Shooting Game Includes CAPX

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The planet has been over run by alien bugs and you are our last line of defense!

Shoot all the bugs with your rapid fire laser cannon and have no mercy. Waves get faster and harder but your weapon gets better as you gain in skill.

This is a spinning turret shooting game using simple sprites and the game is set up for mouse or mobile.

The entire game is made with just 20 events so you can add in your own enemies and boss bugs and change weapons and background to give it your personal touch.

The CAPX is commented and uses basic C2 events that all C2 designers should understand.

The demo game here:

Don't forget to leave some feedback and rate the game and show a fellow game designer some love.

Enjoy the game and if you make modifications please link to your game here so we can see what you created.

If you have any questions about designing turret shooting games or the CAPX leave them in the comments.



Download now 220.77 KB

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