Создание скролл-шутера (на русском)

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Hello America!

We will do Scroll shooter. To be honest it is very easy to do.

I. We will need the textures

1-our character

2 background

3 coins

4 obstacles (meteorites)

II.Davayte start making the game

From the beginning, create a project. Add some layers.

1 layer background

2-layer scene

3 layer - the interface (it will be shown how much we have lives)

In the event editor create global change

1 - score


III. Add Images

At layer 1 - the background

on layer 2 - character, coins and enemies

3 layer create two text

1 text-call score (will show our glasses)

2 text-LIVES (will show life)

IV. The behavior of objects

Character giving behavior Derext X

-Settings are doing so he rotation to 0 degrees

Coin giving behavior bullet

Settings-making speed a little more and turn it 180 degrees

Meteorite (as well as in the bullet)

V. Event Editor.

Create an event for the background

-Every second-set 0.1-all

-Action to this event - Set x - and put -1


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