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-Hello everybody, today we are going to explain how to make a videogame of platform with Construct 2 (Scirra), this tutorial consist in 3 parts how to put the background, the movement of the character and the events.

-The first step would be to place the size of the map and the view as we want, in our case it is LAYOUTS: 2686, 2016, MARGINS: 500, 500 and WINDOWS SICE: 284, 216.

-The next thing would be to place the bottom, and the layers, then we would have to place the floor and put the behavior solid, and all these place it in the ground layer. (We cut the video so that it does not become heavy, and we return when it has all the map placed).

-We will add the sprite of the character and we will place all its animations, now we have to put the platform behavior to control it, we will add to the platforms a behavior of SINE and another one of JUMP THRU, SINE: it is so that the platform moves, according to how we are, vertically or horizontally, and the jump thru is to cross the platform and be able to climb from below.

-Now we add a sprite out of the map, since later we will configure it so that when we fall into a hole we die. Now we will add the enemies (GOOMBA), we will add the behavior of before SINE, now we place the coins where we want, and then we will place the flag at the end of the map, all these sprites we put them in the ground layer, now we will add the sprite of life where we want, we have to place the message of GAME OVER and GOOD GAME in the Monitor layer.

-We go to the event sheat window, we will add a global variable for life and money, now we will put the sprite of life and money with a text for each one, all this put in the monitor layer. Now we will add a group named HUD, add player's sub event that collides with currency and add system action that adds a value to money, add an action to destroy currency, add a sub event of every tick system, add action to text of life that leaves the text of the global life, and do the same with money, (remove the apostrophes), we add another sub event that the player when collided with the heart, add 20 to life and that the heart is destroyed, add another sub event, this is that when the player collides with sprite that is below the map add an action to subtract 1000 life, we add other sub event that when the player collides with the flag the text of GOOD GAME, the player is invisible and that platform is disabled, in the previous event of the text GAME OVER is enabled, add sub variable compare system event that when life is less than 5 the text of GAME OVER is released, apart from all this from desability the platform and disappear the character.

-We add another movement group, and add another sub-event to the character that when we are moving add the animation of RUN, we add another equal but instead of RUN JUMP, sub event is added when this stop is added the default animation , we add the keyboard event to the game, we add sub event of keyboard that when we press the left key the action of mirrored is added, the same but now the right key, the action of not mirrored is added, add sub character event of when collide with the enemy, and add character condition of platform is falling, and reverse it, add substract 20 health system action, add flash behavior to the character, and finally add sub character event that when collide with the enemy add condition of player platform is on floor and invert it add character action of platform vector Y to -400, and add action to destroy enemy, for the camera, add behavior to the character of scroll to ... so that the camera follows the character.

-Made by: Óscar Campos, Alejandro Lora, Armando Sanchez.



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