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Sorry this tutorial is first publish by (KTML5) all I done is repeated

So many time person say I have attempt to load MP3 files and found I can load files but cannot play it. Lord Shiva will help me I want to make a Music Player. To answer him I said I will see what I can do! That was that but not just for this person but everyone whom is beginners I thought. Here is small version where one can upload 1 file and plat it. If you want to change and add more function you are free to do so.

1. Create new project and set windows size to default and layer size default too. You can use my sprite or you can use yours.

2. Create three layers and name it Background, Buttons and player object.

Name project Music Player

Now on back ground you can use my background below:

On button layer add these sprites;


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  • Lord Shiva, I am not sure if you are active or answering the comments please anybody can help me with how can I add a slider controller and change the volume .and how can I play the all uploaded sound in the list continuously, not the first one .and I have a much harder question it is possible the slider starts from a model of itself and we have negative and positive change? thanks, friends