Multiple Graphic Modes to increase Performance


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Hi guys, I thought I should share this tutorial with you because there is so much concern about mobile/tablet performance on the forums.

I have created this simple .CAPX file (eddy_GraphicModes_01.capx 240kb) which shows how you can add multiple graphic modes to your game, for example you can put them in your game's "Options".

It works by using 'low quality fullscreen scaling' (upscaling) with 'set canvas size' and 'set layout scale'.

On weaker devices you can increase FPS (frames-per-second) by reducing the resolution, yet on stronger devices you can have both high FPS and high resolution, and you can do this in one game file eg. one .APK file, without the need to release low, medium and high versions of your game, you can have all low, medium and high quality settings all in the one game file.

This CAPX works with mobile phones and tablets, just do an export via CocoonJS and the debug .APK should work. I haven't tested on iOS, but if u know what settings to use then it should work just like it does on Android.

Enjoy :-)



Download now 240.26 KB

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