Multiplayer Tic-tac-toe [C2][Web2py(Python)][AJAX][Cross-domain]



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Other notes

C2 HTML5 games can be deployed on web2py directly, but as it has a view-model-controller architecture, the manifest files and other stuff have to be moved around and edited a bit, but it can be done.

May this tutorial be as a proof of concept and a starting guide for those aiming to create their own servers for turn-based games.

For a game of tic-tac-toe the new multiplayer functions of C2 would do fine enough, as the communication is only between 2 players and there's no important information.

For FPS games I suppose it's possible to use WebRPC for movement/chat information handling and ajax calls for transmitting sensitive data, where only the server can decide the output. But I'm no expert on that subject, so I'll leave this for the future.

Thanks for reading, hope you gained something out of this.



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