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Hello everyone, this is my first tutorial! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Leadbolt method

First of all, register an account on Leadbolt under the developer tab as shown

Then fill in your particulars. Or simply log-in with your preferred google account.

After you are finished, you will have to download a plugin by Pode called: 'HTML iFrame'

Download it here:

Go back to your Leadbolt account and click on the 'Apps' tab. You should see this:

Click on the 'Add Section' button and then click on the HTML ads tab. Then followed by the 'App Banner'.

After selecting that, change the ad name and anything you want to change. Remember to Select 'New Window' under the Open Clicks In section.

After configuring your app details, you will be redirected back to the 'apps' tab. You will see your ad name under the App banner (HTML) section. Click on the "Get Code" button as shown:

Copy the code and launch Construct 2. Add the Pode's HTML iFrame object onto your layout type in: section ID)(remove the brackets) under the URL properties, then change the object's size to your ad size. Change scrolling to "no".

In order to see the ads, you must click on the 'Set Active' button and type in your information. You should see the ads after you set the ads active!

Ad-fly Method

Create an account and type in any url to be shortened.

Create an image on your layout in Construct 2 and add a browser plugin. Then type in the code on the event sheet.

On touch object(your image)-browser-Open URL in new window-(your adfly url)

After launching your game/app on any app store, the more people who visit the link, the more money you will earn. remember not to cheat! That's all! I will upload a video as soon as possible! Thank You for reading my tutorial, I hope it helps you!


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