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Construct 2

Yes, that was it, now you´re going to do the really fun stuff.

You´ll find the Capx on the left, it has all explanation it it, so please download it, and take a look on how it shall be done.

Remember, its only an example, do not copy&paste form it.

To find out all these informations I searched a very long time...


You could send very complicated data though,

like “enemybuilt,tank,x,120,y,140,otherimportantinfos”.

The point is, not the server, need to recognize all this pile of data, it only need with what function it should be send further through. SO you in Construct 2, can take the data apart, analyze it, and use it.

The messages are going through SO FAST, that I would recommend everybody wanting to make a Multiplayer Game, willing to code, using I used the testing with a DynDns address, and I can say, is very reliable.

Just don´t forget, the client emits data to the server, the server sends data to the client.

Mostly, broadcasting it to the specific room.

If you want to know more, use these links, they are very helpful, learning Javascript in Depth and learning more possibilities with

DynDns get a HTTP address for your Server



Download now 78.09 KB

Download now 355.61 KB

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