Mobile KeyBoard and Hall of Fame for all Mobile Devices

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I assume You have some Basic Skills with DataBases, if not read the article Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL) from ArcadEd for a start...

The DB I use for the Tutorial has three columns, ID (int), Name (varchar) and Score (tinyint). You can import the scores table from within phpMyAdmin (import the provided scores.sql).

Note: In a production environment Score should be INT, not TINYINT. By using tinyint in this example I try to prevent scores above 255 -the tinyint limit-...

The Initial DB looks like this:

When you have a DB and a table named scores, you have to connect to the DB using some simple php code for LOADING the Hall of Fame...

... And for SAVING the entered Name and Score...

When you insert your own HOST NAME, DATABASE NAME, MYSQL USERNAME and MYSQL PASSWORD in the php files (Don't forget to use INT) you can create a directory named "php" or whatever and upload the files (also provided) with your favorite FTP program...

Some Important DB Events in Construct 2...

The Action to Load the Hall of Fame (first time):

The Actions to Save the Hall of Fame and another Load (Refreshing):

An overView of all Groups and Functions:

On the next page you can read the Basics of the Mobile KeyBoard...


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