How to make a mobile app for your games

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Hi, If you have some cash in your hand, and you like to make your games global and known professionally , you can make a mobile app for it by an easy fast way.

First go to Conduit mobile website: Click here and click create app.

Second you will choose the name of the app as seen below:

Third you need an app type, I recommend one of these type: Business or other.

Fourth , you need to type your game studio or portfolio facebook page, if you don't have make one.

At last, you are given some app's content to add, I recommend in these

1) Facebook or twitter: To make your fans updated.

2) About us: to make your fans or new fans know more about you.

3) Contact: To give your fans or interested companies to contact you.

4) Catalog: Make a game catalog so your fans can download or buy games instantly by the app.


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