Microsoft Construct 2 Series: Construct 2 Advanced Game Development

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For those looking for the microsoft advanced course and who couldn't make the live event:

Construct 2 Advanced Game Development

Construct 2 Advanced Game Development:

Can you drag and drop? If so, you can create games with Construct 2, a straightforward but powerful visual game development tool (no coding required). Build on the basics from Developing Games with Construct 2, and dig into more advanced techniques with the experts.

James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri return for a deeper look at behaviors and attributes, and they show you how to apply them to actual game projects. Find out how to include privacy and support settings, and even add a leaderboard. Work with multiplayer scenarios, advertising, in-app purchases, and much more, in this fun and informative course, packed with lots of helpful guidance and tips.

(01) Behaviors: Beyond the Basics

Dive deeper into the behaviors covered in the first course, including movements (8-direction, bullet, physics, platform, and turret), attributes (jump-thru and solid), and general behaviors (bound to layout, destroy outside layout, and fade and scroll-to), among others. Learn to apply your knowledge…

(02) Windows 8.x Specific Features

Customize your app in preparation for publishing to Windows, and take advantage of features specific to Windows 8, including the creation of About, Support, and Privacy Settings pages, plus a Share button through the Charms Bar. Take a look at setting up Global Leaderboards in Azure through Azure…

(03) Multiplayer Scenarios

Explore multiplayer options in both offline and online scenarios, and share a play screen with a friend. Wait your turn in a turn-based offline game, and open the door to the future of peer-to-peer networked browser games using WebRTC. [01:24] - Turn-Based Multiplayer[11:59] - Simultaneous Onscreen…

(04) Monetization

Explore your options for making money with Apps and Games, including adding advertisements to your game, using in-app purchases (IAP), or selling your game. Take a look at each approach and how to execute on them. [06:11] - Advertising[11:08] - Ads With Visual Studio[26:57] - Ads with Construct…

You can find this fantastic course/series here: Construct 2 Advanced Game Development


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