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Creating game in Construct 2 is very easy, also creating menu too. Meaning we can give player a choice weather he/she use Keyboard, Touch, Game pad, Mouse, Music on, or Music off, whatever his/her choice. Whatever you think to add to menu is depend on your game and what you wish to convey in your menu. Also make it clear what she/he has made choice of weather Mouse or whatever.

Let’s start open Construct 2 and create new project, call it Jumper. Now this is only platform game nothing elaborates, just simple example to show menu is created and implemented or simply say put into operation.

1. Set windows size 640, 480

2. Set layout size 640, 480

3. Name layout Menu Layout

4. Name Event sheet Menu Event

5. Create another layout with Event sheet

6. Name this layout Game Layout

7. Also name Event sheet Game Event

8. Create Event Sheet and name it Main Event

9. Create another Event Sheet and name it Function

Now in your Main Event Sheet you must INCLUDE Game, Menu and Function event Sheet. Looks like below;

Background, Choice of color is yours but, my color set to R = 130, G = 0, B = 0 lock it.

Add new layers and name it Buttons, Button Text, and HUD on this layer first create TEXT and name it txtTitle. Not much of title but, it will do for me. Now we shall add more sprites and give sprites name that will easily be understood by player whom playing our game.

1. Create sprite name it btnArrowkey

2. Create sprite name it btnWAD

3. Create sprite name it btnTouch

4. Create sprite name it btnGamepad

5. Create sprite name it btnMusicON

6. Create sprite name it btnReset

7. Create sprite name it brnPlay

8. Create TEXT name it txtMusic

All the sprites done and text also done; now all you have to do is place it on screen likes below;

NOTE place btnPlay outside the layout, I have place it on screen just to show you when we RUN our project btnPlay will be created on screen.

Now open your game layout and add these sprites, before that we will create 4 layers as follows;

1. Background

2. Walk path

3. Player

4. HUD

Create text and name it txtMSG place it @top on HUD layer, lock it, also you will need some sprites name it as Walking_Path, behaviour solid.

For Player add these sprites below; name it Player and platform behaviour


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